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Average Rating: 4.9

Average Rating from 30 Votes

A $54.95 Value

Clear Therapy Deluxe Acne System

Visible reduce acne breakouts by eliminating acne-causing bacteria and oil. Prevent dryness and weather damage with our hydrating, daily moisturizer for clear, healthy skin.

Clear Therapy 3-Step System
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Average Rating


Average Rating from 30 Votes

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Customer Reviews

Perfect, smooth skin just in time for prom!
by Naomi S, Tacoma, WA
On 07/05/2010
I've been living with acne since I was 13, and it's been a horrible nightmare. My lips and nose were covered in blackheads that would turn into big, painful whiteheads if I picked at them - which I always did. My whole face was red and oily and itched all the time. I tried proactive, but it really dried out my skin without really doing anything about the blackheads. My friend recommended Clear Therapy and it's been really great for me. Most of the acne products I've tried were really harsh and made my face scaly. But Clear Therapy's acne cream/moisturizer combo has kept my face feeling soft and smooth while still being oily-free. I started using it two months before prom and luckily, all the redness and nasty white zits cleared up just in time. My face was perfect. Thank you!
Blows Accutane Out of the Water!
by Regina M, Chicago, IL
On 07/01/2010
A few weeks before I turned sixteen, my face exploded with red bumps across my cheeks, chin and nose. My mom thought it was an allergic reaction, but my doctor said it was rosacea caused by acne. Well, it wasn't going away, so I went to see a dermatologist, who put me on Accutane. But Accutane made my acne flare-up and get worse! I switched to Clear Therapy and am so happy with my results! The bumps are totally gone! I still have some redness across my cheeks but no more oozing pimples, so I'm pretty happy.
Fewer Acne Breakouts
by Andrew V, Vancouver, BC
On 06/28/2010
I used to have big, nasty acne cysts that oozed puss and would pop and spurt blood until I started using Clear Therapy. My dermatologists had recommended an antibiotic but I had a horrible allergic reaction. Clear Therapy was my last ditch effort. Over the last few months, I've had much fewer breakouts, which is a huge improvements from a year ago! My face isn't as swollen and red, and the cysts I had when I started have gotten much smaller. One of the best buys I've made for my face.
Say Goodbye to Oily Skin
by Katy P, Port Arthur, TX
On 06/15/2010
Whoever said only teenagers get acne doesn't know what they're talking about. I'm 27 now and my acne has not let up at all. My pores are huge and my nose is covered in black spots. I found Clear Therapy online and I can't say enough good things about it. I live in a really city, so my face used to always be greasy, but Clear Therapy just made all that oil go away! My blackhead problem is tamer and my face looks so much cleaner - and my girlfriend just can't stop touching it! With Clear Therapy, you can definitely say goodbye to oily skin in just a few weeks.